Unknown ban.

Do not judge before reading

I’ve been banned on Rust (Not VAC, but keep reading please) and I was wondering why I am banned. We (a couple friend and I) were playing on a communityserver and I got banned for the reason: “Impossible shot”. I were shooting at a red bear with my Shotgun and apparently I shot my friend (I don’t know why, I didn’t even get a hitmark) and I got kicked/banned instantly.

After that, I tried to join other servers to test if I am VAC-banned but thank god I am not. Still, I want to know how this is possible because there is no any option why I could get banned. I was playing on the server for a couple hours and then I got banned.
The server is called: “8/17 Insanity.NL 10x/TP/Home/Instant/NoDura/MaxLoot/Kits/Slp/Cl” and they use an Anti-Cheat system and Valve Anti-Cheat, but for somehow I am not VAC-banned, is this a bug or what? You can have my friends their vouch if you need.

You got banned by either a server admin manually, or by a third-party plugin that watches for kills in “unlikely” situations (extremely long range with recoil weapons, etc.). Whether the ban was right or wrong doesn’t really matter, because this is completely within the rights of the community server admin to decide who stays on the server. If they’re dicks their reputation will build and their server’ll be empty in the long run.

End of story.

Not to blame you, but your answer makes me sad :suicide:

Did you do anything questionable BEFORE you shot the bear and got banned?

You never know admins these days. Some of them are dicks and some of them are really cool.

Well their anti-cheating system banned me not an Admin, but I were not doing anything stupid. I were only hunting for animals and getting materials for our base.

I dont think i was banned but i had an issue where i was looking for a place to make my bace an was kicked because of a violation an all i was doing was walking around not doing anything to b kicked