Unknown Crash (LOG INCLUDED)

When ever I subscribe to this, The game crashes instantly after loading a map. I do not know what causes it, but I do have a log that can be useful to know what conflicts by this dump log. Can someone tell what is the problem?

Post the .mdmp itself.

This link (same as the first post) is the .mdmp file that was uploaded. If you need the file itself, here it is.

The dump seems to be from an old version of the game, if you can get one from the latest update, maybe it will help.

Here is the Log, and the file.

This is the latest version.

Can you post a complete list of your addons? It seems that there’s a certain addon that causes a crash when the game tries to precache a Lua file.

Here you go.

Try uninstalling your addons, going into garrysmod/addons and delete all .gma’s along with unsubing on the workshop. Try and do that if you want and report back.

That is what I’m trying to avoid… I have 55 pages of the addon list, 10 addons each page.

I have 545 Addons total! Do you want to go through every single addon to check which one is the culprit? When I subscribe addons, I have to exit the game so the addon loads on the next launch, because it doesn’t properly mount it while the game is running.

Theres a script for google chrome which I wont link, but its a bookmark and when ever you press it on the addon subs page, it unsubs form every addon on that page, move onto the next page and it does it.

That would be super useful for me, I would use that. But since you won’t link, I may have to find it myself.

bookmark this code