Unknown error, Host issues [Elpishost]

Hey guys, i recently got an unknown error (i get told of the error while using the evolve commands, but because of my current issues with elpishost i can not read console)

Now basically, Tyler (from elpishost) has been offline for half a week, my support tickets are not getting answered and i do not have access to the FTP (literally, it just refuses to acknowledge the FTP IP i have been using for 2 months still exists)
The web-based console will not show any signs of life and the web-based filemanager also refuses to connect, without tyler online or any form of support i myself am unable to get it going again.

This is a pretty big deal because we are constantly getting spammers and RDM’ers in our servers so what i’m asking is, is their any way i can access my FTP to retrieve my files and fix the error (its a MySQL connection error, i know that much)

Last time i connected to FTP was when i uploaded these lua scripts, they worked fine until today when the server decided not to accept outgoing MySQL queries (I know the mysql works just peachy, because the loading screen shows Evolve Rank, Pointshop Points and Traitor rounds played (it is a TTT server) as well as other statistics on the server, eg, current map, playercount, your steam information etc) so the MySQL server is working fine, but the game server refuses to connect.

Once again, is their anyway i can connect to the FTP other than a standard FTP client which is refusing the connection?

-Is it possible to FTP in through an SSH terminal?

Also does anyone know why elpishosts support suddenly died.

Have you tried FileZilla?

I’ve tried both filezilla and WinSCP, neither work

Quickedit: I’ve also tried ftp://myftpaddress in my browser to no avail

Should be working now. Tyler’s been away for memorial day about 2k miles out of town which is why he’s been offline.

ah thanks for that Bo98, and yes it is working :slight_smile: thanks alot