Unknown error that causes lag

Everytime someone either enters or leaves my server there is a huge lagspike and the error appears in console once.

RunConsoleCommand blocked - sent before player spawned (ZLib_Installed)

I have no idea what is causing it or how to fix it.

It is probably caused by all of the data that is sent to the player once they connect. You would have to optimize the networking of addons on your server. You might simply have too many of them.

I got the same error but without the lag.
I don’t have alot of addons:
ULX (+UClip, UNoLimits)
MadCows Weapons 3.0
Adv Dup
Easy Engine
Fading Door
Sickness models
Well that looks kinda big after i wrote all of them… If you see a very un neccesary tool i listed above, please tell me. (running on Downtown V2, 10 slots, 4MB Internet Speed)

That error doesn’t mean anything. It’s simply one of those errors that everybody has.

Its becuse your lagging the player to death on spawn, causing everything to mess up and it throws that error


Also durgzmod is a whore with data, it use like 10 NWVars per player

I hate it badly coded addons become wildly popular.