Unknown Glitch/Bug: Cannot start Singleplayer/CreateMulti

So, randomly, this started happening:

See that grey box? It’s the Singleplayer/Create Multiplayer menu, with no icons and it’s stuck (or merged) with the background. It’s clickable but it doesn’t do anything. You cannot move it. Changing backgrounds doesn’t remove it or fix it either.

This is what happens in the console when I click “Play Singleplayer”. Look at the last console line.

This is what happens in the console when I click “Create Multiplayer”. Look at the last console line.

I am really confused on why it’s doing this, and it’s stopping me from playing Singleplayer and creating LAN servers.

I would really like to fix this without re-installing Garry’s Mod.

All help is appreciated. Thank you very much!

~ Pilot

First, try verifying files.

If that doesn’t work, you can do single player by typing this in the console:

map gm_flatgrass

Use that until you find a fix.

or mat_dxlevel 81

Try deleting the gamemodes folder.

possibly a .lua virus.

did this start after you joined a server (probably one you hadn’t been to before)?

if it did, try reinstalling GMod. (be sure to copy your addons folder before you reinstall).

Unless Garry changed something, Lua isn’t even in the equation until he actually loads a game.

oh, um, ah…

try a reinstall?