UnKnown Moments 4


No matter how long it’s been since an UnKnown Moments was made, I still deliver. And, today, I present you the fourth video to the UnKnown Moments series. I hope my long hours of effort have been paid off with your satisfaction.


the animation was good.
but the jokes where ‘meh’, they were normally just a ragdoll miming a song or quote that ended in an explosion or gunshot. not great.

lol, amazing. loved the stop motion animation.

That was one of the funniest gmod films I have ever seen.
Hilarious. Good work.

Darius thats how gmod films use to be 2-3 years ago, this is a good old classic, if your going to be that critical, then Gmod Idiot box is just a ragdoll with its head inflated shaking screaming hack again and again, with MEH jokes and MEH skits, that get older and goes to funny then meh then to boring after the 7th time the jokes been made.

4/5 I liked the previous ones, but some sound files where over used, and some jokes where old, try to make a new joke, the O shit was good in the third, but the 4th its just old, don’t let the joke become another HAX.


gg Caleb. :slight_smile:

holy shit, it’s been awhile.

Watching now.

Awesome :smiley:

Awesome. So much different songs, so much new content (only if)/

Thanks man; I appreciate the criticism. Though there are reappearing characters from earlier videos, most of them were not the main idea of the clip; they were just there to finish it off. Be aware, though, that there are more newer ideas than old ones in this video. My reused jokes are only used in the sequel video. Trust me, seeing “Dr. Hax” in every Idiot Box video is annoying enough, but I still manage to like Das’ series overall. The difference between my “Oh shit” guy and his Dr. Hax is that mine only appeared in two videos of the series; his was in every Idiot Box video (if I recall correctly). My oldest joke is probably the “nigga stole my bike” that first appeared shortly in the second video, but that joke ended in this video, with the burnt guy getting killed.

Either way, none of us Gmod machinima-makers like being compared to others for criticism. I don’t care what he does in his videos; we just mind our own business and satisfy our own crowds in our different unique ways.

Thanks for the criticism; I hope I cleared some of it up. I’ll be sure to remind myself to not overuse old jokes if I ever make a 5th one far from now.

K thanks, I was just trying to say I don’t wanna see this series turn into gmod idiot box with re-used jokes.

haha oh god i laughed my ass off at the Mc Chris scene.

I couldn’t agree more Caleb. Good job on the show.

Yeah, its nice to know I’m not the only one that still likes your videos. This one was good, nice work. Stay strong, because we still support you out here if you didn’t know. :smiley:

I remember watching your first Unknown Moments film, hilarious work, and still is.

I keep re-watching this, The unkown moment series always has me going back and watching days after its released.

Oh god this was fucking awesome. It was pretty funny overall but at the end with the “Rick James bitch” line I fucking broke. Keep up the badass work.

I love you. :love:

This just made my day. I bust a gut when the combine was standing outside the door and you hear a muffled “Oh shit” and a quiet explosion from inside. :v:

Also, I liked the reoccurring characters, they were put in there in a manner that someone who knew nothing about them would still laugh, and were only in (as you said) one or two skits. They were almost like an added little laugh for people who followed the series but were definitely not annoying (as you said again) like if they had appeared in every video.

That was very well done! Funny random gmod videos is great as long as they’re well made and edited like this one. Well done!