Unknown script errors and game crashing.

Was trying to program some lua to see if I could invoke some Post Processing. I did not edit any existing scripts, just looking at garrysmod/lua/postprocess/color_modify.lua, looking at the example Gmod Wiki, and writing the script garrysmod/lua/edwards/coleffect.lua. Once I managed to get it to run (using lua_run_cl), I decided to add a little timer to shift the color effect over time and ran that quite a few times with various changes. I was satisfied. I then fiddled with the actual Post Processing tab, enabling and disabling and shifting values. Once I had my fun there I closed Gmod.

A little later I felt like testing TraceRes, using a single line in the console (PrintTable(eye trace)). But after running that a few times, all of a sudden I got “Something is causing script errors” and in the console there were a good number of blue and orange "[ERROR]"s. No other information. After a little while the game crashed. I felt, Ok, that’s enough of that.

A little later, I wanted to look a little at stools. Got a little distracted while looking for what I was looking for and thought I’d spawn the Sky Editor. When I was about to look at its properties, again I got “Something is causing script errors”. I payed it no mind, but as soon as I got the properties up, Gmod crashed again.

Thinking the Sky Editor was causing problems I decided to go ahead and look for that stool I was going to take a look at. Loaded Gmod, loaded SP game, waited, brought up the Spawn menu, and started looking. As I was looking through the categories, the message “Something is causing script errors” came again. I let go of the Spawn menu, pressed Esc to see what the error was, and Gmod crashed again. Never got to see the console log.

This time, I loaded Gmod and just waited on the main menu a while. Nothing happened. I typed into the console “developer 2”, “log_verbose_enable 1”, “log_verbose_interval 0.1”, “log on”, then loaded a SP game and counted the seconds. After about half a minute while in the game, the message “Something is causing script errors” came again, and just behind it a constant list of blue and orange "[ERROR]"s. I pressed Esc almost immediately, and Gmod crashed. I checked the logs and they were pretty empty. Ran through the steps and this time not touching anything once in game (log verbosity still at its “peek”). After half a minute came the “Something is causing script errors” message and "[ERROR]"s. 3 seconds after that Gmod crashed. I removed the addon folder, loaded Gmod again, and let it redownload my 85 addons. When that was done, I started a SP game, waited, and same thing happened.

How am I to find which script is causing the problem when, last I saw, there were blank "[ERROR]"s and I can’t read the console? Is there some other verbose level that I’m not familiar with? A 3rd party console grabber or hook? Thanks in advance.

Since your problems start after you starting messing around with Lua, I’d suggest you move every single file you edited/created onto your desktop and validate your game on Steam.

Also after a crash, there should be an .mdmp file generated for that crash.

It should contain latest few console prints if you open it with notepad, or you can just post the file here ( using file hosting )

Ok, I uprooted the entire lua folder, validated the files twice, and launched it all. It did not give any “Something is causing script errors” after that half minute, or even a full minute. However, when I pressed Esc, the game crashed.

And would you believe, not a single mdmp file in sight.

Perhaps stop using DirectX 8 in GMod?

There’s a known issue that opening console will crash the game in DX8 mode.

Try adding -dxlevel 95 to your launch parameters in Steam and launching the game ( Don’t forget to remove it after first launch )

.mdmp files should be located in the same directly as your hl2.exe

I set the launch option, which seem to reset my video settings, and waited in the game for a minute or two without anything happening. I then pressed Esc and the game crashed again. I don’t see why Gmod would just suddenly do this, considering there were no updates before I first launched it today, or any that I noticed between the launches…

And I’ve searched the entire Steam folder for meem dumps, and I find a few for Portal 2, Portal 2 Hammer, and source2009 Hammer, all dating 2015, but nothing in GarrysMod.

Ok. I uninstalled and removed Gmod completely, then reinstalled it, and shutdown the computer for the night. Today I turn it on, launch Gmod, allow it to download everything again, and launched a SP game (I also noticed that no other games were mounted). I sat there and waited… One hint box… Two hint box… Three hint box… Four hint box… A minute later I pressed Esc and the menu was back.

I quit, relaunched, and remounted all the games, and quit again. I relaunched, started a new SP game, and waited. After half a minute, “Something is causing script errors” appeared again. I waited some more, but nothing happened. I pressed Esc and the game crashed again.

It would seem as though one of these games don’t want to be friends with Gmod, or its addons. But which? No dumps, even looked in Documents and Settings (found a few for Avast5 (I still have?) and Dungeon Siege).

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x Left 4 Dead 2
x Portal
x Portal 2
x Team Fortress 2

Well I bet one of your addons is causing it. I am not going though that list for you.

Ok. Did the process of elimination and found the culprit: Bail Out
What does it do again…? Oh. Ok, nothing I need.

For a second test I decided to remove all addons but it, and all was ok… More conflicts elsewhere maybe…? Throwing everything back in, I did the process of elimination on the games. The culprit there was L4D2.

So, after removing and unsubscribing to Bail Out, all is dandy.