Unlikely Encounter


The Bully meets the Master Thief…

Picture/pose based off of this picture

Plus ‘The suited man’ is Michael from GTA V. And the kid is Jimmy hopkins from Bully.

suited man is backing off, you should turn head on.

What are you talking about?

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Plus there is a guy who rated ‘Disagree’…What exactly are you disagreeing with?

Well, im sure the posing could have been a lot better (more to what the cover looks like, considering the picture you posed just looks like two people just staring at eachother with no real posing involved aside from the head)

Im not a fan of the contrasting, if you were trying to capture the cover, perhaps just fill the background with blue or try and replicate what is going on in the Bully Cover

…How could I fill the background, huh? I can’t use Photoshop, or any photo editing program besides the tools given to me in garry’s mod? Staring is what they are supposed to do, it is what the two in the base picture are doing. It is not good, but it isn’t bad. And I was trying to replicate what was going on in the picture. Thanks for the advice.