Unlimited skybox sea

How do I correctly do this, to make a sea look like it goes forever.
I know I have to use some fog, what are the correct settings for fog then?

This tutorial should help you.

Didn’t help. I need to make a sea. Sea that goes forever and ever

Not possible unless you use teleportation.

It is possible. They used it in Half-Life 2 and plenty other maps.
Also I got it working.

Make a 3D Skybox like the tutorial shows, and put a large plane of water in it.

Oops, didn’t read your last post properly. Glad you got it working.

Well actually I didn’t, theres a clear outline with the real water and skybox water.
They are both correctly aligned.

Also how do I make it so that the circled area is covered by fog? It’s a cliff in the skybox but you can see the outlines. How do I fix it? You can see the first problem in this picture too, look at the sea.

ALSO how do I make the black part in skybox texture disappear? What do I have to move?

Set the fog color to match the top of the sky. You have to adjust the sky texture to match the top. I would just ignore it, becuase most people don’t bother.

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Did you set the texture scale of the skybox water to 0.015625

How do I know the colour of the top of the sky?

Also no I didn’t set the scale, I just copied the water which was in the real map, and scaled it down with texture lock on. I shall set the scale to yours.

Play with the fog colors in game

fog_override 1
fog_maxdensity 1
fog_enddistance <insert>
fog_color <play with these 3>

Thanks, I’ll try

If you wanted an effectively infinite plane, you could make your skybox fill the entire Hammer grid. Considering that when scaled up to full scale in the skybox when you compile, there’d be about four miles of sea in each direction, it’s practically infinite in mapping terms.

Would it take a lot of time to compile or lower the fps?
It’s just one block, I guess it won’t matter much

It still has to compile all space inside it, doesn’t it?

That would result in huge loading times.

There was a tutorial on the valve dev wiki on how to modify the source engine code so that fog includes the skybox as well, though if it’s a TF2 map i doubt this’ll be much use.

You could use a gradient texture coloured the same as the fog along the borders of the map.
I’ve used it a few times and I think it looks good enough.

I would send you the texture I used, but I don’t seem to have it anymore, sorry.

You’re missing one vital thing, cubemaps.

Make sure you select the plane of water in the 3d skybox to work off the same cubemap the water in the playable area does too, that way it reflects the same, also make sure the texture in the 3d skybox is 16 times smaller than the playable area one.

To get the right fog color you could also just use the eyedropper in PS/MS Paint and copy the RGB values into hammer.