Unlimited speed?

There used to be a addon here:
that you could download that added console commands to change basic physic propertys, includeing maximum prop speed. On the thread for it it said that the mod wasnt going to be updated anymore because the commands were included in garrysmod, could someone please confirm that the commands are in garrysmod and if so, how to use them?



That was integrated into the game, I don’t think there are console commands for them but you can change it via Lua.


I was just reading that post again and you need to make a file and paste the code from the thread in it and save it in \garrysmod\lua\autorun\server\physcommands.lua

then you can use the commands from it.

sv_maxvelocity 60000?

Thank you, I did all that and the commands showed up, but the maxspeed doesnt seem to change when I change phys_maxvelocity.