Unlock me please

I played without cheats Rust what you blocked me?Unlock me please

“Computer says no.”

Niks steam:Vanzikas
Login Steam:vanzikas2

They just get lazier and lazier :v:



well its not gona lie but you hack’t

It appears you have been VAC banned. Facepunch only makes the game, they have no influence over VAC and cannot help you with a VAC ban. You need to get in contact with Steam Support if you wish to dispute your ban. Know that Valve only will unban you if it turns out you were affected by some sort of mass error on their behalf. They also WILL NOT DISCLOSE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE BANNED FOR.

I’m getting kind of tired of having to post variations of this. You think by now people would stop coming here first thinking the company that makes the game can do something about Valve’s anti cheat. Either they just don’t understand that or more likely STILL trust the guy who sold them the “undetectable” hacks and told them if they somehow get caught to dispute ban here, as well as STILL think playing dumb will accomplish anything other than being ridiculed by the rest of the community.

Love watching these threads. Lazy hacker this time though. Try harder next time!

noob hacker

You wanna explain this? I can’t exactly read it. but it’s a cheat site and it’s got your name on it.

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WELL SHEEEEIT! And the OP’s a ruski. Looks like we got our man.

You made my day! lol

I translated the page with a translator, the account hasn’t been used since May of last year, so he didn’t use that account to cheat, but it would seem that there’s really a lack of integrity here, so at very least OP is likely lying and has a different alias under which he registered to a cheat site and got some cheats (or he got them from a site not requiring a login, if they exist, I know nothing about the inner workings, I’ve never even cheated once.)

I love this.

Sooo, Whats your move?

This is the laziest ban thread I have seen in awhile.

Oh yeah and… hahahahaha

PW and Email, please.

Get rekt skrub