Unlocking Me Achivements

Just saw this ‘Experience 500 Lua Errors’ achievement, and had an idea:

Can anyone make a Lua that has 500 errors, so we can achieve this achievement and have it achieved in the achievement window that shows the achievements?

It would be easy for people that actually know something. (Or doesn’t.)

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Just play on some crappy DarkRP servers. You’re bound to hit it.

Thank you, boys.
That really solves my question.

lua_run_cl for i=0,500 do RunString(“imawesome”) end
In console

Enjoy :eng101:

One accidental typo in a gamemode think event will get you this in about 2 seconds.

Never said it was hard.

I got this easily when my Jumper got hit by an Ori beam weapon. Easily more than 600+ Lua errors, no clue why.

One small typo in your init, shared, and cl_init files and you get it three times as fast.

It’s more fun to wait and see how long it takes you to get it without trying, the more people that get this the more it will seem that a lot of gmod gamemodes have incredibly shitty code.

I got mine from wiremod.


You could probably achieve it from Garry’s Duplicator STool also. :v:

You know it’s funny because I fixed my gamemode’s status mod system the day before the update. It was spamming ten lua errors every tick.

I got mine with my own custom SWEP…so…yea…

hay guys thats cheating garrys going to take all your weapons away

Worked like a charm. Thanks.

Dude, you’re an idiot.
He’s not going to take them, simply because he can’t.
Also, it isn’t cheating. It’s failing WITH STYLE.

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Override hook.Call and you will have it within half a second :slight_smile:

-,- easy achievement, I made a SWEP that called a null entity every time it fired

Target Patrice :smiley: