Unmasked Hgrunt with helmet

Are there any source models of Low Def HL OPFOR Hgrunts wearing helmets and have unmasked faces? (not including the Medic or Engineer)

You could easily hack together something from the recruits, drill sergeants, that sort of stuff.

thx, im trying it now

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tried compiling it but got an error

\Users\stephen\Desktop\hecu\hecu edit/./reference.smd doesn’t exist

Can you post the QC?

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Wait, I just remembered I ported the unmasked grunt player model from OpFor a while ago. It’s on the Steam Workshop.

I’d post the link to it but I can’t access the Steam Community part of the Steam website.

im trying to headhack the OPFOR LD commander with the grunt helmet

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// Output .MDL
$modelname “C:\Users\stephen\Desktop\hecu\hecu edit\hgrunt.mdl”

// Directory of .SMD
$cd “\Users\stephen\Desktop\hecu\hecu edit”

// Directory of .BMP
$cdtexture “\Users\stephen\Desktop\hecu\hecu edit”

// Write textures into a ???T.mdl

$scale 1.0

// bodygroups: use relative path from $cd
$bodygroup body
studio “./reference”

// sequences: all sequences are in $cd
$sequence seq-name “sequence” loop fps 30 ACT_IDLE 1

This is just a normal grunt, but you can download the addon, decompile the addon and reskin the face. For your QC, make sure everything is in the folders. It will mess things up. Also, you need to do rigging when it comes to head hacking(Don’t use kHED, it doesn’t work that way).

ive used it. good model, but messed up ragdoll

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and i was thinking of the LD Opfor SP grunts which has slightly better textures

Yeah I can’t make physics models that well. The campaign grunts have awful hands in my opinion, also have you rigged the character yet.