Unmounted L4D Minigun

[release]Name: Hell’s hacked L4D Minigun

Version: 1.0

Requirements: None. Well, a feel for Big Guns?

Download link: http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=80658[/release]

Hey, i know some of you who play L4D, have always wanted to Rip that Minigun right off and just carry it with you through the whole stage!.. Or some who have an Obsession for Terminator.

Well, now some of you’re fantacies can come true. I decided to hack the L4D minigun, and Release it here.

Here, have some Previews-



Sliferz and Sexy hat not included

So… awesome! Love it. <3

Remodelled or ripped? It looks strangely exact.

Remodeled? The hell it is. The stand is just deleted.

The stand, ammo box, and one of the Handles’ are deleted. Couldn’t you just have commented something nice instead?

Isn’t this warez? Since it’s an ingame model being given away?

So if you just removed stuff from it, why the hell did you say that you remodeled it?

Remodeled = from scratch. What you have done is an simple modelhack.

Eh, but looks pretty nice.

Gmod needed a properly scaled minigun. Glad that someone decided to provide.

I doubt he even modelled this, it could have been done with a 5 second VMT/VTF Hack

I don’t care if it’s re-modelled or not, it’s a nice idea and a good job of it :smiley:

Nice work.

EDIT: Link is down. Quick,get the healing herbs!

God, Stop being so fucking picky. He’s given you exactly what the thread said.

if you make a v2 can you make it so the minigun barrel is ripped of the model it self so you can place a wheel there and weld it to a wheel then make the barrel spin for movie making and maybe comics ?

also we can’t download the file is there a garrysmod.org link instead???

awesomesauce… link’s down, can you reupload to garrysmod.org?

Sorry for the “Elite crew” in here - Yes it’s infact, a model-hack. I just did not know what to name the thread. And no, i do not Belive it’s warez, the models are from a pack on Garrysmod.org. And those who will not belive it’s a Hack, please, decompile it and see for yourselves.

Sure, link will be up soon gais!

Thanks you’re a life saver, i need this right now.


I was actually expecting something like this to come out sooner, in my opinion the l4d minigun looks the best out of all the others.

Ilwrath/Nirrti already did this once, but he didn’t release it. Yours is nice though.

hardly bloody useful if he didn’t release it, is it?

Least Hell gives to the community. I think alot of you guys are being a bit spoiled of late