Unnamed comic.

So, I installed GMOD and everything again! Woho? nah…

Made this yesterday, but got to tired to finish the details (ashame they didn’t turn out great even after like the eight try).

But you probably won’t even read this.

Backstory (if you have a hard time getting it)
The man is a vampirehunter who likes the word “fuck”. Now I made it sound cheap and crappy (and maybe it is… you tell me)
You’ll probably understand when you read it.

Right click - > view image


Link if it works better: http://filesmelt.com/downloader/HENHELSIDAMEDTATTIGTBLODochfixxxx1.jpg

Turned out quite good in my opinion. But the most fun i comic making is the skinning… the result isn’t that super important ^^

No idea what to name this… feel free to throw me ideas, you know, I might even make a sequel.

Ratings are… appreciated ;D

It was not so bad. Editing is alright.

Well, that’s a bugger :frowning:

Damn you filesmelt.

tripple bah on this

Weird… since it is made public…

Uploading it on imageshack then, hope that will work.


Can pepole view the image now?
Getting pissed att all the imagehosting sites rezising…


nice work

Really interesting and well done, the frames need to be brighter though.

Kind off hard to have brighter frames when you are trying to go for that dark and depressing style

Name the comic “Blam.”

What about “Trinity”?

Is it just me, or every body who talked in more then 2 bubles and not the main guy killed?
Great dramatic ending by the way.

AHA! you’re wrong!
They bartender talks more than 2 bubbles!!!


Why just trinity? :s

What? I didn’t get that…

Maybe Trinity Love or something…

Oh wait, what about Trinity Life?

Meh, sounds a bit queer-ish

What’s up with all this trinity talk my good sir?
I am well aware of what it means, but where does it fit in? :S

It sounds cool though :k

please don’t name it Trinity.

for god’s sake please don’t

it doesn’t fit in.

name it “Hunters Code” or some shit I dunno.

Good stuff so far, it’s like Twilight but more badass and therefore…more good.

It’s alittle too dark, I like the cigarette transition in the beginning though :smiley:

Turns out, I am continuing on this comic! (yay!!)
And, there might be some suprises coming up (<.<) (>.>)


I think I was high when I posted that post though. :[