Unnamed modern rp map

Oh hello there. Yes, it is I. I don’t have much of a mapping reputation here anymore, because pretty much every map i’ve ever made has either stopped being worked on, or was released privately. But lately i;ve had the urge to make an RP map. So i am. Deal with it.

WIP pictures-

Strip mall:

House or an office of some sort. not sure yet:

House 1:

House 2:

all the blue in the bottom left is a somewhat failed attempt at an endless style pool. need some custom textures for that

Overview so far:

I’m aiming for a modern/ sunny beach sort of theme to it.

Things to do:
-Less repetitive road texture
-Another strip mall type thing
-Maybe another house
-Lighting [hurrr, duh]
-other general shit

I like house 2. Give it more modern textures though. Why is there an abandoned car in the middle of the road?

Almost all of the textures are icky, and it’s lacking a lot of detail, although I assume you’re getting the basic layout and then you’ll add detail.

Also, what’s a strip mall?

Looks to be coming along nicely. The strip mall looks like the kind of building you’d see in Vegas. Although when showing off WIP shots, it’s always a good idea to bung a light_environment in your map, cordon the area and compile it to see it in-game.


A row of shops in one building:

For scale. I don’t want to start building, then find out all the shit is way out of proportion.

Yes, i always build basic first, then go for detail at the end.

And yes, EVERYTHING is subject to change. I don’t have any custom textures yet, other than the road.

Ok, wtf? That name is stupidly deceiving :mad:


Out of interest, what did you previously have a reputation for?

I used to make a lot of maps, but i don’t release publicly or finish the maps most of the time. It’ll be pretty hard now considering i got fired from my job 2 weeks ago, and i’m still looking for a new one. But i’m really trying to get this one out there.

also Strip mall = mall [shops] in a strip [line]. Maybe a strip club will come into this later.

Or a literal strip mall :q:

Very VERY rough basic shape of another house:

Looks like it will be a decent map when it’s finished. I’ll be watching this thread. Keep up the good work.

I’ll be watching you!

The other stripmall type thing i was talking about:

I’m not sure about the idea, but above each of these 3 shops, i might put a sign area, that you can type out your own shop name on. That way Everyone will know what you are selling, and you don’t have to adhere to the stores i make for you. You can make whatever store you want.

That building is blocky.

Looks like a good start keep it up

I like the fascia on that new strip mall. I’m going to copy your technique shamelessly and fix up the one in my map. Mine looks kinda weird, but that’s only because I have not seen a strip mall IRL recently. D: (I’m not going to carbon copy it btw, just use that style if you get what I’m saying.)

Which one, the new stores?

It looks really nice.
Got my download if and when it comes out.

You have my download also. It’s looking very nice, better than what I can do :v:

This one.

It’s based off of a real building. But fine, i’ll work on it.