Unnamed Spercial Forces Release!

My Second releasing



Infinity Ward

Hacking, Rigging : tlsaudrl2548
Gear, Helmet, etcs : Superfrog
Gas Masks : chl0407

You Need Superfrog’s COD4 0.5 pack and chl’s COD4 Pack

Download : http://www.filefront.com/14790443/SpecialForces.zip

have fun :smiley:

Awesome. Are they rigged to the Valve biped?


The flat gasmask looks horrible IMO. I don’t like it at all.
Still, nice job.

gas mask-less one looks a bit weird

well, its kinda weird someone wearing a Bacalava with sunglasses and a Gas Mask…

Hey… Plz understand him, He is just start edit ragdoll D:

Edit: Nice job mate, U’ll be a good ragdoll editer.

This is a cool idea for Mercenary soldiers. Good work!

I always thought that balaclavas had something to do with saunas. Optionally that it was some form of Russian pastry.

good friend


guys attention please

model wearing sunglasses but if you don’t love sunglasses then I can remove it
(and send it personal, yes i can)
but you will still not love them
cause eyeballs has horrible problem
ah no, they don’t even having eyeballs!
so you just use it or throw this in your Recycle bin

now still got problems?

One on the left looks good, the sunglasses look extremely weird. Maybe you could take them off? Or at least take off the gas mask. They both contradict each other.

Both look a bit overdone, you should headhack the cod 4 marine heads on them.


The first= helmet and a gasmask.
the second one= really overgeared.

Actually, I think the one on the right looks fine, except for the gasmask sitting on his helmet. If you removed that, it would be excellent, and you’d have my DL.

Also, could you do the one on the right except with a boonie hat instead of a helmet?


Why don’t you try checking the date on the last post in a thread before you post? This thread has been dead for almost 3 years.

2009 was a good year