Unnatural Selection

Unnatural Selection is a Gamemode based on the fear of Death and its untimely arrival.
It uses a map I created specifically for the Gamemode called us_chambers.

There are two teams: one player being Death and the rest being The Living.
The Living must escape Death and slay him, while Death seeks to destroy them all.

As Death, you are omniscient. You know where every player is at every point. By selecting a room, you decide in which room players will perish. If they are lucky enough to escape Death, they will be faced with a new set of doors. Each set of doors becomes increasingly deadly. When Death selects a room, the doors open and players select the room they want to chance, almost like a game of Russian Roulette. Unbeknownst to the players, they may be standing on their deathbed. If Death kills all the players, he remains death, sort of like a King of the Hill. For every Living player he kills, he gains a point. If a player reaches the end to slay Death, they become Death. If multiple players survive until the end, Death is chosen randomly among the survivors. In case a player doesn’t choose a room or decides to remains in the lobby, all players who fall behind will die.

Much of the Gamemode mechanics itself are controlled by the map. The Gamemode itself selects teams, checks for players disconnecting, spectates, scoreboards, decides winners and whatnot. I wanted to share the Gamemode with other members in case they felt like creating a map for it or trying it out themselves. It’s a fun game to play with friends, and the map has over 50 spawnpoints. The map features distinct rooms with unique ways to die per chamber. I already plan to create another map for the Gamemode.

My inspiration for the Gamemode came from an old bonus minigame called “Doors of Doom” from Mario Party 4 for the GameCube. However, I thought it would be more entertaining as a multiplayer game, and I wanted the game to work both ways: Death and Survivor. I’d love to get some opinions on what you think!

If you would like to try out the gamemode yourself, the IP is This isn’t an advertisement, but I’m sure somebody will ask

Sounds cool, but you should really try and throw some twists in to make it funner. Maybe select a random player to be ‘deaths agent’ and try and have them push/lure players through the wrong doors? Just tossing ideas out there because what I see right now is a really basic gamemode.

It’s still partly in development, but I like your idea. I had thought about creating an unnamed player who either works for death and another who trumps death, or perhaps both. Granted this is also my first shot at creating my own Gamemode, so if nothing, it’s mainly to learn more about Hammer and improve on my Lua skills.

Just going to point out this is a lot like deathrun but just more open for death. It could make for an interesting game.

Ya I agree with you, Unless you add more stuff then this is basically just a Death run Game mode with different Objections

I was a little concerned people would associate it with Deathrun, but it’s a little different of a concept in my opinion. No need to bhop.

Can I has?

Ya it ahs differnt lets say missions but I still think if you added a bit more it wouldn’t really be deathrun.