Unnatural Selection-

This has been my first pose in about a year or maybe even two.

I have been off doing photography and more traditional artwork and I thought
id try coming back to doing some gmod editing and poses for a little again.

Most of you if not all of you probably don’t know who i am but it’s ok.

Just tell me what you think, whether you like the pic or not.


Oh and by the way, I’m a huge MUSE fan, just sayin in case someone was confussed
about why i choose the title, i thought it fit well.

Holy fuck, that’s awesome, great job man

it’s been a while



-Muse Fan too- This is fantastic, very artistic.

The soldier on the right has a left leg that looks somewhat wobbly and a bit awkward. Other than that, my only complaint is that it isn’t in 1920x1080 :buddy:

haha it certainly has

wtf , that is very cool!

I was about to post the song thinking that the names were just a coincidence.

The right soldier’s left leg looks a little strange (like it’s broken at the knee) otherwise, quite cool.

The soldier on the right is being shot in the leg by the soldier on the left. That’s the way I see it.

Good Lord this picture is awesome. Great work.

The pose is unrealistically realistic. What I mean by that is when most things are called posed well, and they actually never look like someone usually does, however this pose looks akward but natually so especially on the guy getting shot. If that make any sense.

Good job.

This editing is fucking amazing mate, I love this style of yours.

The pose might have some flaws but who cares lol everything else is nice.

Very cool lighting. Good smoke effects, good posing, good camera angle, the whole shebang.

Only nitpick (really nitpicky) is that they would need serious fire power to put a hole through both sides of a bullet proof vest and both sides of a ribcage and all the muscle and organs in between.

posing and editing made me fucking jizz in my pants!

Incredible editing.

Holy shit. Good job.

Great shoot. Love it.

I think the blood at the left guy should eb a bit darker/more. (Is it even blood)

Also Ultra blackbars FTW!

Nah, its awesome.

The picture looks like a goddamn movie.
Very Nice job.