I have accidently no collided a door, and got way too far to start going mad with ‘z’. Is there a console command to undo this or a stool?

Go into the Utilities tab in the spawn menu; you can undo individual actions there.

If you nocollided it to everything, just right click on the door again.

AH… Do these things get saved. Cos I kinda saved and quit… (Facepalm)

No idea, and one should never use saved games, which are currently kind-of-maybe broken. Chances are it’ll screw up a lot more than just nocollides. Use the adv. duplicator instead.

the adv. dupe dont save ma AMRAAM wirings :frowning: (I mainly use GMOD to make wepons of WAR!!!)

I mainly use Gmod to please me when I’m bored. :rolleyes: