Hi guys, i had a little bit enough from threads like “banned, got banned, lag” etc.

If in this thread an answerer reach 10 usefull ratings (together his answer) i will buy a gold membership to him. (if he dont have, if he or she have he or she will got nothing. if the 2nd reached the 50 usefull rating and he dont have gold membership he will got from me.)

I’ve already made a thread where you can read about the servers, like its online, offline only lag for you or the others.

This thread would be like the sticky (not 100% like the sticky), so you ask and the users try to answer your questions.

Why does everyone KOS newspawns or anyone in that matter?

because its rust, you must be new

@RustedCreeper My guess is out of fear, laziness. [Wanting to get wood and food without the work.]

Is it smart to be carrying the things you want to keep in your inventory instead of storage when you log off? Or should you just let it be fair game and leave it in your houses/shacks storage?

[I logged back in with everything in my shack gone except for my metal door and storage]

Personally, I grab the most important things, before I log off, and put it in my inventory. This way if I am raided it won’t bother me as they would of gotten very little from me.

take everything with you. It saves to your character if you do, but if you leave it in a crate while you are offline it is up for grabs for anyone, and you can’t stop them. only leave stuff behind if it is

A) worthless to you
B) Full inventory
C) you have 20-something metal doors between your loot cache and the outside world (use metal walls too)

  1. Stare as long as you can at naked men’s penises

Because well-off players tend to pretend to be naked and friendly and then shoot you in the back. They also tend to use naked guys to distract you while their kevlar-friends sneak up on you from the back.

I’m pretty sure the General Chat thread already does this. Also, this isn’t even a FAQ, it’s just a thread to ask questions. If you actually wanted to do any good, you should’ve found a bunch of frequently asked questions, found the answers, and made a thread listing all of them. This is not that.

How is anybody going to get a total of 50 Useful ratings

I hope its fine after edit .

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Now only you need 10.

btw: i dont know why everybody rate everything with dumb. they dont want gold membership?