Unofficial ACF RC Combat Thread

-**Tiny Tanks Thread-

A few days ago I made this little soviet tank:[/T]

And soon after that, others followed.

[T][/T] [T][/T] [T]

I made some guidelines for them, in case anyone wants to join in.

-Tiny Tank Guidelines v1.2-

-The seat is not present within the vehicle, instead, there is a 12x12 cylinder on either the right or left side of the gun that kills the driver when destroyed.

-Make sure the cylinder sits inside both the turret and hull when not using a turret ring.

-The cylinder cannot collide with ACF entities.

-The maximum weight is 7.5 tonnes.

-Armor thickness cannot exceed 60mm.

-The engine can be whatever you can fit in there.

-The weapon can be a 37mm cannon, 37mm short cannon, 50mm short cannon, 14.5mm machinegun, 80mm mortar.

-The 50mm cannon can be used for self propelled guns, provided the max elevation is 15°, max depression 8°, and the max left/right traverse is 20°.

-Ammo can be whatever you want.

-Instead of limiting the size of the vehicle, the amount of wheels is limited to 4 15 sized road wheels, 2 idler wheels of any size, and 2 sprocket wheels of any size.

-Build tanks that you’d want to fight yourself.

Feel free to post your RC tanks here!

We’re faffing about with half scale stuff on GGG - Ispytaniye at the moment, actually. We’ve got a script that half-sizes the players. We’re leaving props alone because of how wonky it can be with traces, duping and other shenanigans. Karbine’s in the process of miniaturizing the gun, engine and gearbox models as well as tweaking the global cvars, and I’ll be smashing it together into one big lump of whatever. Winston’s made a tiny map for it already, but we’re looking towards more complicated things with buildings and the like in the future at that half scale.

We’ve already scaled a couple of seats:

Made this years ago. Does it count? :v:

Working on this bad boy atm.
50mm short cannon w/ 12.7mm coaxial[/t]

Challenge was accepted after ALMS told me about it. Micro Merkava[/t] [t][/t] [t][/t] [t]

Wew you guy can build those awesome tank, and I, who is a noob, still trying to understand how the heck the tank track tool work :v it keep heading the wrong way, idk how to use

Make sure to use 1 controller for each track, and make sure that the base plate is level and 0 degrees on both the pitch and roll axis, not -180

After that, just select each wheel using right click, and shift+right click for the return rollers, followed by right clicking the controller

I’m not so good with english, what the “return roller”? U mean the last wheel?

Very nice tks alot

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Btw u must use wheel tool for the wheel or something? :v

Most of the time it’s ACF driving a single sprocket wheel that is XYZ locked with ballsockets to the other wheels to make it seem like there are actual tracks driving the other wheels