Unofficial Facepunch Mapping Section SERVER

So I just rented a 20 slot server. Its gonna be running rp_lyolux and darkrp by default. :dig: , BUT

Apart from this joke, I’d like to help people who need to test their maps. You yourself have to actually find people who will be willing to test the map, but I’ll happily provide the server.


  • Map must have a reasonable filesize
  • No exotic and huge custom gamemodes, please

Also if you have any general ideas on what I should do with it let me know.

I will bump this thread from time to time

TL;DR post in this thread and I’ll host your map

So is there a big turnout for everyone’s favourite map?

And where would ya put reasonable filesize like <100mb?

Gametracker is bugged, I already had several crashes due to high traffic and the server is constantly full. I added donator perks for 100$ that have been sold out and I’m using that money to commision a team of AAA developers to help lyosea work on lyolux_v3.

Also size depends on the type of map, but I really wont refuse to host anything unless its like 250 mb + custom content

Thats rather cheritable of you. Do you have any donator perks around the $1,000 and $5,000 price range? Perhaps a Lyolux themed coffee mug or tutu?

You can buy admin status for 2000$.

Merch coming soon. Also I think they will delay Battlefield 1 because a third of their staff just signed for the lyolux_v3 team.

Well, I was asking at a range there. $2000 for admin seems rather cheap, I was considering that around the $4000 price point for the unoffical mapping section server.
If I gave you $7500 what other perks would I get with that? Maybe rcon rights?

Also if you could, please provide us a list of potential AAA developers that you’ll recruit for Lyolux v3?

For 7500$ you get admin powers, access to the v3 closed beta, the legendary lyolux v1 .vmf that chnged it all, and a unique collectors T-shirt signed by lyosea. I call it the “Ultimate Tier”

Also rcon access isn’t cheap. We could agree on 20000$

I dont have the final list of developers yet tho, but I can tease a little.

N. Fegraeus from DICE is bringing up his team to cover the design aspect.
M Laidlaw is doing the script
I’m negotiating with M Bay to have him directing the dynamic events.
The No Mans Sky team have been brought on as advisers for the endgame sequence

Well i mean I was going to save this money to buy a house. But with a team like that, thats unsinkable. Where do i sign up?

Oh man, they’re gonna sue your ass for slander if they find out you put their names here.

Could this be a dumb attempt at a convoluted way to steal indev maps?

Reasonable filesize? Anything of my things are out of the question then. :v:

Looks like you already hired your AAA game developer.

But none of my maps are published! :saddowns:

I’m gonna come check it out. Hopefully some of y’all are kicking around.

Edit: Okay, here’s what I want to contribute. I lost a precious hard drive a few years back when I moved to Maine, and accidentally wiped a hard drive. This map was my first completed map ever, it was a labor of love and it was pretty much the map that got me into the whole Facepunch community, which I discovered by mistake, while troubleshooting errors, building this very map. It’s a time capsule of my room at my parent’s house in 2011. Since then I’ve graduated high school, moved from Mass to Maine, and then to Colorado for three years, and then finally back this year. I had no idea I still had this map and I was ecstatic when I found out it was still kicking around on my laptop. It was packed with VIDE, so it’s supposed to have everything built in, but I’ll have to have an outsider try that out. It’s a rats map, so you’re teeny tiny running around on my surprisingly clean bedroom floor. I’ll post a download link once Google Drive decides to finish uploading. But yeah, check it out!

There are two little houses I made hidden in the closet, and one is in the wall. The interior shot is from the one in the wall.
A sense of scale, and a bit of “underground”, or uh, in between, I guess.
And lastly, a photographic self portrait.

Unfortunately if there are missing textures, I can only go so far as to try and find a scaled replacement, because most of (if not all of) the files used in the creation of this map are long gone, or (hopefully, and this gets me very excited) in a Windows.Old folder, inside another Windows.Old folder, on a hard drive, in a dead PC, in a storage unit, in Wouburn, MA.

So maybe they still exist. Maybe. :mystery:



So maybe you could host the man eater this weekend :^)
Since only the highest quality maps are for use.

What is that? A map for ants?

No, its a rather not-dumb way of helping mappers test their maps for free.

What would I do with unfinished maps anyways? Its not like everyone is just longing to play that one new unfinished ttt map leak

And besides, if anyone is willing to give me their bsp to host on a public server, he is basically “leaking” his own map no matter what I do with it. Its called testing. Why do you guys have to be so suspicious of everything

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Give me a file and I’ll host it. Ironically or unironicaly - it doesn’t matter

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Post a link and I will host it for sure!