Unofficial Rust Key Giveaway

Hello friends,

If you have been following my other thread ( you’ve probably been waiting for the giveaway. I was concerned about breaking forum rules, so I contacted Garry to make sure it was alright. Well, he did more than approve my giveaway, he supplied me with 10 extra Rust keys to giveaway!

So lets get to it:

I’m going to steal Rusts’ idea and have a drawing contest for 4 keys. Draw on paper and take a photo of it or create it in paint/photoshop/etc. It must relate to Rust and please be creative! Post your drawing in this forum. Also, be sure to include your forum name somewhere on the picture.
Note: Photoshop entries are allowed.

I know we are not all artists (myself included), so for the other 4 keys, I’m going to choose people at random. Post in this forum why you want Rust. The more creative, the better. IF you already have a key, please don’t post. This is a small chance to keep the community growing while having fun!

The last two keys, I will just post at random.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.

Good luck, Have fun!

Contest will end on 10/10/2013 at 2 PT

I better win this contest. I put a lot of time into this drawing.

do you have 3 legs???

How long until it is over? I have access to my Photoshop tomorrow. :slight_smile:

No thats just my long schlong, notice how the squeaker has a small one :wink:

Do I win yet?

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Thats not fair, you actually know what you are doing.

I would really love to win this key because it just looks so AMAZING! Combining the 2 games I always play DayZ and Minecraft is just a game bound for awesomeness. I would love to buy this with my own money but I am only 15 without a means to pay online for this game, my parents absolutely hate buying stuff online for some reason. Hopefully, you choose me so I can start my adventure!

I already have a key, but I have 2 friends that don’t I will notify them to post here with a picture for one. Btw, enjoy gold member SemiProJoe! Thought I would buy it for you since your so kind to everyone. You have helped so many others, so I thought I would share the love!

Ok now I feel like your just pulling out old pictures and writing play rust on them come on.


Pretty sure you already have the game bro…

i better win or im gonna :suicide:

Thank you very much for the kind gesture! (I mean…WOOHOO GOLD MEMBER, BABY!!) Good luck to your friends! :slight_smile:

Look at this fucking masterpiece.

this guy should definitely be one of the winners, definitely got some tallent

ill be posting mine tomorow