Unofficial Rust Suggestions Thread

This is a thread for suggestions of ideas and features which could be added to Rust. The idea is to discuss features which add more depth to gameplay, lengthen the time it takes to reach endgame, or otherwise balance the gameplay and in general make things more fun.

Try to keep the post detailed and organized. Perhaps styled as such:

Suggestions could be made in this format to differentiate them from discussion posts. Also, it’s probably worth separating details into paragraphs to make them easier to read and understand (avoiding the “wall-of-text” effect)

I will be making a few following posts of my own ideas. Please feel free to post your own as well.

I tried making one of these, it quickly got shoved to the bottom, good luck.

Make a farming system to grow food (I.E the garrysmod darkrp weedpot equivalency.)

Ability to go prone

This allows players to hide in tall grass and overall adds another feature to the pvp aspect of the game which only adds to the game. It is a simple but powerful feature that could be implemented very easily without any major impact on the game.

Gun maintenance
Guns wear down over time, faster if in active use/being fired. To keep their guns in proper working order, players must continuously maintain them

The idea is that guns have some kind of “wear and tear” meter. Over time this meter depletes (if the gun is being fired, the meter depletes twice as fast). As the meter depletes, it increases the likelihood of bullets jamming when fired (if the bullet jams, it must be manually unblocked before the gun can be fired again). If the meter depletes far enough, there’s also a chance for the gun to critically fail, and blow up in your hands causing damage. The farther the meter depletes, the higher the likelihood, until it fully depletes causing 100% chance of critical failure.
In order to keep this from happening, you must maintain and clean your gun. This consumes 1 cloth each time, and takes time to perform. The duration depends on the gun, and the wear and tear. Heavier guns take longer to clean and maintain, while smaller guns are generally quicker to maintain. Heavily worn guns also take a long time to fully maintain and restore.

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Crafting Proficiency
Players have “proficiency points” toward each craftable item, which affects the chances of creating the item or creating useless junk

For each item in the game, players have “proficiency” in that item. When crafting, there is a random chance of accidentally producing a pile of junk instead of the item. However, even if junk is produced, the player earns 1 skill point toward that item. The more skill points, the higher the chance of producing the intended item (100 skill points, the maximum, means a 100% chance of producing the item).
In addition, death removes 1 skill point for each item the player knows how to craft.

**Size-based Inventory System **
Items take up slots based off their real-world size

Each item takes up size in your inventory proportionally based off their size. Also, as item stacks become larger they too eventually take up more space. This stops one-man armies, and causes players to plan out their inventory. Also you are less likely to have an entire shed dropped on your head.