Unofficial Screenshot Section Halloween Contest!

Welcome to my Halloween Contest!

Hello everyone! If you don’t know me, I sometimes frequent this section and even though I’m not particularly known too well around here: I decided to host a contest! Either, this could go really well or this could be a complete train-wreck, because I’m not too experienced in hosting this particular stuff, so please bare with me. I do hope you all have fun in looking at other’s creations and creating ones of your own! I would make the OP look really fancy but, hey, I’m already providing the prizes so just a cool header will do. I hope this will help to raise spirits for the upcoming holiday as well as with the recent problems concerning our section and off-topicness.

Remember, this is a completely unofficial contest created and managed by myself. This isn’t official to this sub-forum and none of this is tied with Facepunch yadda yadda.

RULES [These are important!]

  • Everything MUST be created in a game running the source engine! (Garry’s Mod, SFM), submissions made in programs such as blender ect will not count!
  • Poses/Screenshots MUST follow the Halloween theme! However, this is a broad theme so there is some leniency to this rule. Anything horror, gothic, creepy is accepted and it doesn’t have to be directly associated with the holiday antics. No shooty-shooty scenes with no connotations to Halloween! Pictures can be serious and silly, too.
  • NSFW pictures are allowed but have to be linked! They must be tasteful (??) and have some relevance to the theme, don’t just straight up post pornography.
  • Pictures MUST be new! They cannot be something you have created in previous years.
  • Submit something you made, entirely by yourself. Anything that is submitted that is blatantly other artist’s work will be automatically denied.
  • You cannot join the contest if your Facepunch account has less than 100 posts, this is to (hopefully) prevent any bots or accounts joining just to claim prizes. I do this because I like this section and the people in it and feel like giving back a bit.
  • One entry per account!
  • Have fun!

How to Enter!

Entering is a rather easy process and doesn’t use any official format besides Facepunch. Once you have whipped up a juicy spook-filled picture in the ol’ Source engine, reply to this thread with your picture while CLEARLY stating this is your one and only entry.

The contest ends 31/10/2017 - 10pm GMT, which is when winners will be announced. However, submissions officially close at 31/10/2017 - 8:30pm GMT to allow for myself to look through submissions and judge each of them.


Prizes will be awarded for First, Second and Third places. So there are three chances to win! Prizes are as follows:

First - £50 Steam Gift Card Code!
Second - £20 Steam Gift Card Code!
Third - Purchase of any £10 game, to be gifted! (Only on Steam)

Currency Conversion rates will be applied to the prizes, so please check these.

Extra Information!

Once submissions have been entered, they will be edited onto the OP with your username so people can browse through what has been submitted. Remember, if anyone has any questions about the contest just PM me or reply in the thread and I will answer as soon as I can. Especially criticisms on making the contest better, as this is my first ever contest so I’m bound to have mucked something up. You are also allowed to reply to people’s submissions, compliment them ect (this isn’t the place to input criticism, though) but please try not to post anything in the thread too off-topic.

ALSO - I may need help with judging submissions for when it is time to allocate prizes. If anyone who isn’t planning on joining the contest would like to help judge then please PM me about it. You must be fairly experienced with the creating screenshots in Source and with this sub-forum. There is no prize for helping judge, but I wouldn’t mind the extra hand.

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween holiday and enjoy creating your own screenshots!


Devil Traitor’s Submission
Crazy Knife’s Submission
Znalecc’s Submission
Shadowfirelan’s Submission (NSFW)
Ussr68’s Submission
Agameofscones’ Submission


First - Crazy Knife (An original screenshot that I really enjoyed looking through. Attention to detail, lighting and scenery all blend together to create on big spooky image)
Second - Znalecc (A great halloween-themed image that really portrays the theme well with its strong lighting highlighting the skeleton in the foreground)
Third - Shadowfirelan (Third was a toughie, but I decided that this submission isn’t as silly as the rest and takes more of a dark, ominous tone that many of the submissions didn’t)

I’ve been thinking of joining but so far I have no idea what should I make so I offer you a help with judging instead.

Don’t worry, you have until the 31st to mock up an idea. The whole ‘Halloween’ theme is very lenient so try not to let that persuade you otherwise.

If you do want to help judge, just send me a PM.

Love the idea, will try have something done before the 31st.

Is that spooky enough?

I would really like the Walriders how they slowly vanish - like half of the body is almost not visible.

Alrighty my entry. Spooky scary ghost came to hunt down William Dafoe.

This goes really well with the original thread soundtrack. Spooky scary skeletons.

Reminder, today is the last day for submissions, although you have until 8:30pm GMT to submit. :slight_smile:

My entry; Sacrifice

Linked cuz NSFW:

Made this like a week or so ago, thought it could be a good one to put forward.

Also hope this isn’t late.|2048%3A1152&composite-to=,%7C2048%3A1152&background-color=black

Have a TF2 poster

I’ve had a look through the current submissions and I’m willing to announce the winners now - but I know I set a bit of a skewed time-limit so I’m willing to allow until the 3rd of November if anyone is still making theirs.

pretty sure i’ve seen that Star Wars pose before, how old is it

Two weeks ago.

I know I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m fairly interested in the winners; if you’re extending stuff till the third I’d like to work more on my submission.

I would like it if you were to extend it, I was actually busy doing halloween stuff and moving :slight_smile: