Q: Will toybox be added to multiplayer?
A: Perhaps in the future. Garry said he “thought about it” then in a later blog post said he “changes his mind” and decided to be lazy about it. Maybe in a few months/years.
Q: can u unban me from toybiox plz plz plz plz**
A: No. There is a reason you got banned. Bans are because you did something stupid and got banned. Not because “the admins felt like it” or “it was a mistake”, which is what 90% of the banned people claim.

Q:I can’t connect to toybox. Why?
A: Steam problems. Use the Steam client beta to fix it.
Q: I’m having problems uploading things. Fix it, Garry!**
A: Not a question but should still be covered. Most of these problems are not garry’s fault. There’s a file size upload limit (30 MB for non-map-files, 200 MB for map files) one of the file in your zip might be hitting. Try optimizing your textures or removing a few extra map details.

This is still a W.I.P and more questions will be added if they are PM’ed to me or if I think of them.