Unoriginal Comic- Gone with the Blastwave

A remake, thought I might try considering the guy is too busy to make more.

-What’s the point of this comic? I mean, what’s the point? It can’t be for the story because it’s copied. It can’t be for posing, because the posing suck. So what is it for? Trolling? Why did you make this?

-To increase my total posts.

-Meh. Let’s shitpost.

Why does anyone make anything? You could say that same thing towards numerous poses here, but you don’t. I made this for the same reason people are remaking their games, to bleed new life into something I believe is good.

Idea isn’t yours, posing is awkward, angle is bad. Scene is not good, because it’s empty.

Most of people are not copying other people ideas. Even if it was yours, it’s shitty because of the idea execution.