Unorthadox Rocket Launcher/Turret

I was playing Mech Assault 2 online and I had an idea to put some kind of turret or rocket launcher that fires a missile that you temporarly take control of the guidance of the missile and see where its going from the head of the missile, or the Max Payne 2 Sniper Rifle where your hud flies with the bullet in 3rd person to it until it reaches the person’s head. Is this even possible? I wouldn’t know because I dont know the first thing about Lua. If this is possible then I Request it, If your not going to answer the question “Is it possible?” or Why it wouldnt be possible or If you are going to do the request then do not answer. Further Details on request.

I don’t know anything about lua either, but I do know its possible. One of the weapons in the Nuke Pack 4 (official) has a gun with the crossbow model on your shoulder that when you right click after firing you can fly the nuclear missle around.
It sounds like what you want to me.

Wow, I’ve had the nuke pack for a long time and never knew that, But i still would rather have it as a rocket launcher.

I think you could just copy the controling part of the lua code and just put it into the rocket launcher swep of your choice.

It would be nicer in a turret tho

I was speaking theoreticly


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