Unown Tool

This is the first bit of Lua I’ve ever coded.
This is a tool that uses Simple Prop Protection to allow players to own and unown props.

Left Click will own an unowned prop.
Right Click will unown a prop, It will only unown the prop if you’re an admin, or if it’s YOUR prop.
Admins can press Reload to see the props model, and who made it.

I designed this tool with Roleplay in mind, to stop any and all metagaming complaints.

To delete the ‘Owner:’ bit in the HUD, navigate to Simple Prop Protection\lua\SPropProtection\ and edit cl_Init.

function SPropProtection.HUDPaint()
hook.Add(“HUDPaint”, “SPropProtection.HUDPaint”, SPropProtection.HUDPaint)
(It’s near the top)

As this is the first bit of Lua I’ve ever coded, there’s bound to be at least ONE horrible mistake.

Please Note: This version uses SPP (Simple Prop Protection), Using it with another form of Prop Protection will NOT work.

Although I WILL be making a few different versions of it, including a version for the Prop Protection system used by DarkRP.


well, it’s a great success :smiley:

cough not cough

Damn Niche Products.


Goddamit, I was expecting it to join onto the post above!

Auto-Merge has a time limit of about 2 hours.
Its a cool stool I guess but I can’t think of any use for it.

4 downloads, 15 hours.


Well as I’ve mentioned, This is how I’ve began to learn Lua, It’s a good tool for RP servers, but not for anyone else.

Dag nabit, i thought this was the Pokemon Unown, this tool is useful, nonetheless, but not what i thought it was.

still rated Tool.

yay, Thanks.

I would get this if anyone would figure out what it did. Most people on my server run around with exploding barrels.


The concept of Prop Protection is above them.

Yeah. I know the feeling, I run, although usually it’s my TF2 server that gets the idiots.

Well, All-in-all, it’s been a GREAT bloody success, 5 downloads, 24+ Hours.

and 3 boxes.


Meh, I knew there would never be that much of a demand for it, BUT COME ON.