Unplayable FPS problems

As the title says when I launch Rust, I experience so heavy fps lag it is unplayable, I put everything on the lowest graphics and it still did no difference to me, anybody know a fix?
I am playing on a laptop, here are the specs:

i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz
GTX 765m 2GB GDDR5
1 TB+128 GB SSD

really? I have a GTX 550, 4GB ram, and a i5-3450 @ 3.10Ghz, and I could run with full resolution, with the highest settings. Maybe its something to do with the games optimization?

Try to type these in the console (F1) : grass.displacement False , grass.on false

UR laptop is the problem. nice and easy solve:
right click on ur desktop, go to NVIDIA settings.
Add Rust and select High performance NVIDIA processor.
Laptops only got this function, If u got problems with fps in other games, try doing this for those cuz ur laptop is strong enough to play this game max resolutions and highest settings.

Please let us know if it works. This might help for other people aswel, plus else we could find another solution.