I find it way to difficult for freshspawns to actually play the game. Due to the fact of after a wipe you can not get off for 10 seconds or your fucked tell the next wipe. Recourses are easy to find but every time you find them you get killed. People are starting to sit at designated spawn areas and kill us upon spawn?

I think the game should be slowed down a bit. The hunger bar should be less of an insane priority that needs to be addressed immediately and resources should be spread out throughout the map but slightly more rare. People wouldn’t get to guns as quickly and the populations wouldn’t be so dense and frantic.

Also It’s almost to the point that there should be building constrictions.

What kind of restrictions?

Personally, before the most recent wipe, is when I started playing. It was rough… But as a solo player I can say that it -can- be done. You need to avoid people… Die a few times to hunger… Get shot on your way back to your crappy little wooden shack. Hell, get raided in said shack… But each time you die, you carry on the experience of what went wrong. You cant sit there and cry about it thinking change is just around the corner. Even if everything you’ve described here is done, it wont change that group of people who run around doing what is happening now.

Your shacks will still get raided. You’ll still be shot on sight. Resource nodes will still be camped. Sorry… That is sorta how the game is played right now. Get stronger and overcome what is happening to you.

Soon we’re going to be expanding the distance players spawn from eachother, we’ve also introduced some easier to obtain weapons (stone hatchet, hunting bow) which will be more easily available to new players… Expect to see them in the new patch due tonight/tomorrow

Looking forward to it!

And please give EU Metal Buildings.

Even if at first things seem really hard and frustrating, you get the hang of it and it becomes bareable.

Plus, do not forget that in this kind of game easier = worse/lot more KOS/boring.


Is the combat system ever going to be expanded upon? SUch as dodges, counters, a peek mechanic or pushes. THe game does involve a lot of pvp after all.

Well a Stone Hatchet and a Bow will only still do so much against People with a Gun. You’re still going to end up being bent over in a dead heap unless they seriously fail.

Is there any news on increasing the Resource spawning further outside? It seems since I last played 2 months its still the same area for even more people now. It seems to just be a endless grief fest with everyone fighting for the small areas for resources. Who ever gets there first (same for the C4 Recipes now with requiring Explosives) will win. Usually the larger groups.

And on a side note, EU is missing its Metal Buildings… At I’ve yet to see any Explosives (not the charges).