Hello, my problem is horrific when the “mountains with rocks” were introduced my game now spazzes out and there’s particles everywhere on my screen.If anyone has any fixes to this feel free to comment
Specs: i5 4670 , 3.40GHz , AMD 7850

i also read on a forum about someone saying its a problem with AMD? how can this be, (ALL MY DRIVERS ARE UP TO DATE)

http://imgflip.com/i/4ho9c <— what it looks like while im playing (some person on this forum has the same problem)
i tryed everything people told this guy and it did not work


It’s an AMD problem, alot of AMDers have the same problem, and I have a 7850 also and the artifacting was so bad I couldn’t play without running around looking at the floor.

In steam, right click Rust in your Library, click Properties, then click “Set Launch Options” and paste this in:


Should fix it.

Not sure if it will work for you, but it worked for my friend…

He made Rust launch in Direct x9 instead of x11. Go to Library, right click rust, properties, Set launch options, and I believe the command to type is “-dxlevel 9” without the apostrophes, but I am not completely sure. You can try Feast’s suggestion also. :slight_smile:

I believe both commands near enough do the same thing, mine is just the one Garry recommended and worked for me so meh, either should work!

Thanks so much man so far so good :smiley: @tylerT

I’m glad it worked for you!

I’ve got the same problem with AMD 7950.

Thanks for the fix!