Unplayed/underrated Gamemode's thread

This thread is dedicated to all of those gamemodes made from scratch, hard work, dedication, all that neat stuff but don’t have the playercount to show it. One of the constant complaints in Garry’s Mod is how “all the god-tier stuff has no players but TTT and DarkRP just rake in players all day !!!”, so hopefully this thread can aim towards bringing those gamemodes/communities into the light.

Post what you think is the most underrated/unloved gamemode in Garry’s Mod right now, give a quick rundown of the gamemode and post the servers’s IP if they host one.

Darkest Days: a fast paced, extremely in-depth Deathmatch gamemode that combines swords, guns, bioshock-esque magic, parkour, and miniguns all into one big package. You can fine-tune your playstyle in pretty much any way imaginable. Made by the creator of the wildly successful gamemode “Stop it, Slender!”, as well as “Slave of GMod”.


Slave of GMod: This gamemode originally started as a Hotline Miami inspired project for Garry’s Mod, and has evolved into a full on gamemode with an intricate singleplayer STORY MODE that is very critical of some of that good ol’ juicy drama that circulates within the GMod community. The Story mode took me about 4 hours non-stop to beat. I will admit that this is not an easy game, but it’s very much worth checking out, the creator has put in an unimaginable amount of time and effort into making probably one of the most unique experiences to appear in Garry’s Mod in a very long time. Also the multiplayer is pretty fun and has a bunch of different gametypes such as “Serious Drama”, where one team has to defend their server from the other team who is trying to send “packets” to destroy the server… :zing:

musics dank af too


ExiledRP(no workshop release): it’s aimed to play like the original PERP, but it’s a 5-year long labor of love project from Exiled Servers, it’s been completely built from the ground up and sports by far the best performance of any gamemode in Garry’s Mod I’ve ever seen, my FPS never dips below 200 on my mid-range PC. Community is retarded but the good kinda retarded, like that guy who’s really good at math and makes people laugh, but throws up when he talks to girls.


I am not affiliated in any way with the creation of any of these projects

Lol how about any of the gamemodes that were made for the the two Gamemode Competitions we’ve had the past 12 months? Pretty sure “The Floor is Lava” is the only one out of ANY of them that ever took off, and even then, only slightly.

Warmelons is/was an RTS gamemode where you have your melons fight other players’ melons. What really made it unique was that it was based on sandbox, so in addition to ordering your “foot soldier” melons around, you could build your own vehicles to aid in the combat.

Here’s an dramatized video that kind-of illustrates it:

As far as I know there have been a few attempts to revive it over the years.