Unraidable House and X-Ray Vision

I’ve been playing the dev branch with the new build system and I’d like to bring a couple of major issues to the attention of the devs.

  1. Unraidable House: Maybe I’m missing something, but I can render my home safe by elevating the first door (on a rock for example). Once I’m ready to lockdown, I demolish the foundation and stair that I use you reach the door. With the tool cupboard active, no one can build up too the door of the now “floating fortress”. This brings up another question… Is the field created by the cupboard a sphere or a very tall cylinder? Could I build stairs that just graze the upper outer surface of the build damping field and arc out over the house to then drop down onto the roof?

  2. X-Ray Vision: You can currently move the camera on third-person through walls. This allows you to stand against a target home and locate the high value rooms and the best path to get there. I like the idea of decoy rooms or hidden rooms (made possible by the demolish feature). But these rooms don’t work if you can see through walls. The third-person camera needs to abide by the same collision rules that we do.

Once you drop in through the roof, then what? You cant build to get out. You will be trapped. If you don’t get to the cupboard, you can only start bashin to get out. Hopefully FP will provide loot drops on user initiated kills.

Most bases are weak at higher levels. In my experience, once on the roof you simply destroy one ceiling (about 5 mins on dev) and you can drop in and walk right to the cupboard.

  1. Gather all the loot you can possibly find
  2. Throw it at the floor so it decays
  3. Kill yourself

I’ve come to learn that Rust isn’t about stealing resources. It’s about subtracting them from other players. Sometimes people spend hours tearing down my lvl 6 walls just to “steal” resources I acquired in 15 minutes. It’s just how Rust is.

I see all kinds of rocks and wolf skulls that don’t seem to decay. I drop loot in my base that is there for many days. Not sure dropping it is a way of depriving the owner of the loot. I think you are still trapped with no option but to bash while being paranoid of the owner returning.

decay os on the dev branch, its not released to stable yet (as far as i know)
60 seconds and its gone.

Wow, 60 seconds is too short on dropped loot! I often run back to the spot where I died to reclaim my hatchet etc. We should get at least 10 mins on dropped loot!

I heard it confirmed in another thread, (I think by Kulan), that it was a cylinder not a sphere. As in, it extends upwards…

I think he means the loot you take from crates and just throw on the ground. Not the loot left on a body after you die.

You also drop whatever tool/weapon you are currently holding when you die. This is what I was talking about…

Oh, okay.

I have confirmed that it is a sphere. You can begin building inward immediately after build up when starting on the same level as the cupboard. I posted about it with an image.