unraidable house inside cave , need a fix

ppl can build house inside a cave and those wood wall can’t be broke with axe
also , cant kill sleepers with mele weapon inside cave too , fix this pls

Place a campfire under the sleeper and then light it.

Walls are tough to break, but it can be done. You just have to find the sweet spot angle that doesn’t conflict with whatever weirdness is going on with the cave walls blocking your swing.

The false ground in the caves is kind of neat.

Stay out of my cave!

Unless they fixed it from last version, hit detection does not work in caves. This is why you cannot destroy the walls or kill people directly. If you try you will notice that all the hit effects do occur but that they occur near the entrance somewhere.

As stonecutter mentioned, you can kill them with campfires until it is fixed :slight_smile:

Yeah I found a cave as well on my server. It is on the default seed which i guess defaults to 1375200275 instead of 123456 which I think it was before. Anyways the cave was located close to the base of the mountains in the north.