This idea is stolen off my friend VIBDotCM. Not sure If you get your account banned for posting YouTube links on Facepunch Forums but this is a instructional video so please no ban xD

4 C4 and 30 wood and that base is gone…

EDIT: It’s also not instructional in any way…

Easily raidable, nice try.

there is no such thing as a unraidable house

i can build unraidable house

Hi Jampo

only need 1 c4 in the middle of the wood wall :slight_smile:

1 c4

no sound on an “instructional” video lol nice.

I think all these people building “unraidable” bases are just asking to be raided. It’s a challenge for people to raid their base so more people want to raid them. If you really don’t want to be raided just build a small house hidden out of the way that doesn’t look fancy.

I’ve only been able to build one house that was 100% safe…

…On my old server, only admin, base built on the surface of the ocean.

unfortunately there is right now :confused: its made so not even the person themselves can get there without suiciding or dieing.

Not true. Blow the second floor wall. Put a doorway and a wood door. Open the wood door so it faces out. Blow the door. Put a large box on the piece of wood that sticks out after the door is gone. The box remains even after that extra piece disappears (its the door cooldown thing). Repeat until you’re at the top.