Unreaistically large Gun.

I am making a swep but I need a REALLY large gun model. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just big. Something alohg the lines of this:


EDIT: Forgot to say, make it 1/8 the size of ^that^


Well, like a ViewModel…yeah…

A view model… of an emplaced artillery piece?

Well yes…just with handles and a trigger…

… I’m sorry, I have to ask:



hmm. I’m a beginner, and it’ll be a /SMD file, but I’ll try… so, you mean like the one in L4D, Crash Course? or like a tank?

You should make the SWEP so that it turns you into a ragdoll and knock you back 50m

WTF??? How’d you know?!?!?!?

I’ll upload some videos soon, I have the “fire” animation done. I just can’t save it :frowning: can someone give me a tut on how to save the animations, like “walk_01” or “idle”?

i’m using blender.

Save as a sequence SMD like you would a normal SMD just make sure to tick the “Sequence” option instead of “Reference” which is what you’d use normally for models.

Wow really? That was fast! Thanks!!

Maybe you shouldnt have asked, as this sounds cool.

SWEET! People like my idea!!



they won’t be available for a bit, so chill.
feel free to check out my channel, though :slight_smile: www.youtube.com/armydude359

wait, you mean like a rocket launcher-flak cannon thying? OH FUUUU—

Dang. they didn’t upload. :C well, I haffa do the thing over again, so XD

Edit: AGAIN:

are we dead now? ( as in is this THREAD/model dead?)

Well it depends if your done trying or not.



this looks cool.