Unreal Band

-Sketchy fingerposing on all of them, keep that in mind.

  • I really love it, turned out much better than i hoped
  • stitched with 3 pictures
  • Reaper on drums, Coletrain on bass, Gray on lead guitar and Trishka on vocal
    ** Listen to this for added effect **

(fergie’s version is more rockish, just alittle more umph! to it, which is why i chose it over the original)


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not bad… not bad

Pretty nice, like I said on steam. Although, you seem to be lacking a drummer.

Me likes.

Who let wolverine into the band? :v:
[sp]yes i know its gray[/sp]

Lighting is very colorful and fits the atmosphere, I love it. The hands of the crowd in the air adds a nice little touch that most other pictures don’t have, nice work.

Looks a little calm, i didn’t notice the hands of the crowd at the front immediately.

Loving the lighting, though.

lookin’ good!

Damn good stitch!

Can’t stop the cole train baby

Nice title.

Reminds me: I need to buy bulletstorm.

They’re so widely spaced that it took me several seconds to realise I was meant to scroll. Otherwise it’s nice, but that really lets it down.

The crowd should be much higher :v

Nice but you miss a Drummer
But is Still Nice :buddy:

there is a drummer, reaper!

It’s pretty nice. Needs way more highlights though.

Are they singing about dicks?

It’s pretty cool, but the lighting is pretty flat. Good song choice!

yes, the song is about how much you love them

oh yea i don’t saw him