Unreal Engine 4: scale by dragging corners/edges/sides/faces like in Hammer?

I’ve always loved that feature in Hammer, to be able to just drag the edges of geometry in the orthographic views to resize them.

Now in Unreal Engine 4, I’m having a really hard time typing in x, y & z values into the brush settings as well as using the scale tool that doesn’t snap to grid.

This is what I need:

Is it not a feature?

Just look at the controls. Moving from Hammer to other software will probably take some months to get used to. I remember going from GTKRadiant to Hammer Editor, took me 2 years to get used to all the shortcuts and even then I still mashed some wrong buttons which made brushes disappear which didnt do so in the other software. Or try looking at the Unreal forums, i think we only have an other engines wip thread but not an other engine question thread so you might have more luck there

You’re right, I just hate always registering onto new sites.

You can make a brush then hit shift-5 to enter geometry editing mode, which is like Hammer’s vertex edit tool

It definitely takes time getitng used to UE4s brush coming from Source. Hammers brush system is a lot easier and quicker to use, and UE4 doesnt have a lot of dependency on brushes so you should try to move over to modeling as soon as you can.

UE4 does have a vertex/face selection mode where you can drag around the individual faces to get the brush to the length you want, its called geometry editing mode.

Is this what you’re looking for ? :