unreal engine .tfc file extract

Hi all
How to unreal engine .tfc file (texture file) repack and pack?

Well depending from the game. However you can’t unpack the *.tfc file in general. The file stores textures, to decompile those textures you need umodel (and preferably the game should be supported), the when you select unreal package to extract with umodel (google it) if that package is linked with the *.tfc file you’ll get the textures used by that package extracted from the *.tfc. About repacking, you can’t do that ether. You can created *.tfc files using the unreal engine, but that’s for your projects. So no modding here.
Well maybe if you know how to code, and you have the time and the nerves to write a new modding tool… you can do so. (If you do so, please share it for the rest to admire you) :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope that answer’s your question.

Is it possible to extract textures somehow from “reduxed” texture cache (when texture stores in .rtc, .tfc have only headers)?

TFCs don’t actually contain any information besides texture information.

Size and locations are in the upk files, so to extract the tfcs, you’d need to extract everything in the unreal game.


Tribes and new version of BLR (soon) uses different texture compression. It works in umodel only for Tribes. For BL:R it shows black texture.