Unreal FBX to source

Is there a good tutorial on how to port Unreal models over to Source? I’m trying to get back into Garry’s Mod and make some Renegade X and XCOM 2 ports

Well, FBX is a relatively standardized format. You can open the file up in any 3d modeling package worth its salt, make the changers you want, and export to something more source friendly.

I think one of the more modern studiomdl variants allows for direct fbx compiling, but you’re still going to need to dig in and look at how the materials are set up for a qc and do scaling and whatnot anyway.

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Sorry, responded to the title and glossed over your comment. If you have an FBX, then you’re golden. If you have like packed asset, you’re probably going to need to wait for some tool, I’m not too versed on modern porting stuff.

I basically have a FBX and two t3ds. So basically I have to export it as an smd and put it into crowbar?

You’ll need to open up the FBX with a 3d modeling program, 3ds Max 2012 is what I use, and then inside the file you have your 3d model.
Then you apply your textures if they aren’t already applied.
Then you’ll need to create a rig, or modify an existing one for your new model.
Then you skin weight the mesh to the skeleton.
Finally you export. I use WallWormModelTools plugin for 3dsmax2012 myself, but there’s other programs like crowbar and cannonfodder but I don’t remember how to use those.