Unreal Heroes Official Server

Your adventure starts here, take on a role to rank amongst the elites, build your foundation here, and create an experience known to no other. Strangers become either friend or foe, battle or war, but here you will make something of yourself. We are the Unreal Heroes.

Server Configurations and Modifications

  • We’re currently running Rust Oxide which includes the many mods that will benefit you in the long run.
  • Door Sharing
  • Modified Loot Tables
    • The modification allows military weapons to become more rare and C4 almost impossible to obtain
  • Our server is located in Dallas, Texas. Right in the middle of United States to unleash a full connection to all those who reside in USA.
  • Sleepers are enabled, meaning if you log out, your body stays in the server. It allows the want to build a more secure base
  • Airdrops are enabled and will be called every Rust Day when a minimum of 10 players are online, so invite your friends and make it worth wild.
  • Military Grade Weapons are craftable but the rarity of them is increased making it even more difficult to find them
  • Server restarts every 12 hours

Server Commands

  • Sharing Doors: /share “name”: Allows the sharing of your doors to the player described in the quotations.
  • /pm “name” “message”: PM your buddies for an even more secured conversations.
  • /list: View all the players currently playing the server.
  • /history: Display the last 20 chat entires.
  • /tpa “name”: Teleport your friends, though you only have 3 every 12 hours.
  • /tpa accept: Accepts a teleport request.

Join the Server!

  • While in-game, press F1 to open up the console prompt.
  • Type or paste, net.connect playrust.unrealheroes.com:28015 and press Enter to join your server!
  • Hope you enjoy your stay!

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not three" - postal))

Server Event, 30+ people, 5 airdrops