Unreal Tournament 2004 Ragdolls, Models, Vehicles and Maps for Gmod

I cannot beleive this hasn’t been done already! It would be perfect for comics and everyone knows UT2K4 is AWESOME! So how about it?

There has been guns from UT 2004 but it’s really long time ago…

I don’t think anyone is gonna do this because you want basically everything from unreal tournament 2k4 give us some pics and we’ll think about it

I just want the player ragdolls and weapon and vehicle props really.

That’s a pretty big ask. I highly doubt anyone will do this. Sorry :frowning:

I think I can rip them because I’m just browsing through the files.


dude that’still alot to rip though

Well, a few characters would be nice.
Maybe a vehical or two.
Oh and maybe just one map.
But everything?
Would be sweet, but
There’s a slim chance of that happening.
I say settle for a little and slowly get more

okay, How about;

Characters: Xan, Malcolom.
Weapons: Assault Rifle, Sniper, Rocket Launcher
Maps: Morpheus 3


The weapons and vehicles of Ut2004 were ripped back in gmod9 and I still have them. HOWEVER something is wrong with their collision I think so they need to be fixed.

If there is someone who can fix them post here and I’ll pm you the models.

I’ll give it a go.

Ok gimmie a bit to upload them to filefront and I’ll pm the link.

It’s funny they worked fine in Gmod9 but in gmod10 something is screwed with them.

Sent them :science:

I converted and released a few UT2004 ragdolls quite a while back (enigma and other variants, aswell as all the versions of Xan), someone else converted the weapons and I think another person did the vehicles - unfortunatly, the whole lot got deleted pretty quickly due people getting shitty about intellectual property rights etc etc.

I just sent shacadeemus the vehicles and weapons so he could fix the collisions. In Gmod9 they work fine in Gmod10 some reason they don’t :uhoh:


Managed to fix the problem dudes, that’s the first one, it’ll take a while to do em all.

Ok I can wait :v:.

could you port the manta, shock rifle, and redeemer?

They are already ported… He is just fixing their collision.

Some of the collision models seem to be sideways, even after i’ve weighted and compiled the models from scratch. Not quite sure how to fix em, the QC’s are fine and the collision models are a replica of the reference.smd they accompany.