Unreal Tournament 2004 Weapons

Well I was screwing around in MS3D when I thought I should try porting more then just Goldsource models, so I installed UT2004 and found something to get into the files holding the meshes and I was pretty surprised to actually port the weapons over.

I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to port over all the weapons, or if I’ll port more then just the weapons later. I’ll probably rig some view models so that if somebody wants to make view models they can, or have some HL2 weapon replacements.

Anyway, here’s what I got right now. The guy in the blue suit is my personal skin :v:


Please don’t request anything, I can’t port anything with animations and almost everything has animations.

Oh god yes. Have you had any further success on the porting of the original UT stuff?

Not really. I noticed that the original Unreal models were in UT2004 for a gamemode but I haven’t found the area they’re in (Epic really randomized where they put their models). And I doubt I’ll be able to port them over anyway since every model that has animations has screwed up in MS3D.

I will cum to my head if you port all of those models, I have alot of memories playing UT2004 and it was the best time ever.

UT2004 was amazing, i played it all the time in till my friend played with a portal gun mod and gravity settings. :psyduck:
you would be my idol if you realese all of the weapons and mabey some props if possible.

I got the ammo ported. I think I missed a few pickups.


AVRil and Sniper are done.


Can you port UT2k3 Assault Rifle (You’ve ported the UT2k4 version) And the UT2k4 Link Gun? (You’ve ported the UT2k3 version)


Keep this up, you will have my download for sure.



This looks great, I wish I had Unreal 2004 Memories.


Fantastic, keep the good work

I have got some UT 2004 memories.

epic any idea when you will release?

Haha, I released all of these so many years ago, along with all the weapons. Still cool though. I think they were on garrysmod.org but I don’t think they are anymore.

They aren’t any chance of reuploading?

I’m like 99% sure I don’t have the files anymore, it was seriously a long ass time ago. I’m talking GMOD9 days. I can ask my friend if he still has them, but I doubt it.

I liked mine because I went the extra mile and properly did all the envmasks, and did all the selfillum as well :3

okay well thanks

Heh, I figured someone else would have ported them too.

Oh and can port vehicles and turrets now.



I’ll do that too I just want to get them all into source first :3:

Uhh, not really sure when cause I need to port all of them first :v:

Cicada! Cicada!