can some one port the Brock Malcolm gorge and robot models from unreal tournament 2004?


or just Brock and Malcolm

does anyone where i could find some if its been done already? or how i could view the mdl in the T position?

really need these models
even if its screensahots of the 3 characters i requested in the T position from the front back and sides

You’re not giving us any details about the models or any pictures and you don’t have to add 3 post’s for you to try and get you’r message around the thread because no one will look at it if you reposting on the thread.

i dont know why you would need details or pics
if you have the game you know who they are
but still






cant do this because of copyright or something people ported vehicles

what copyright? :S wtf? what about halo GOW and UT3?

idk they were realeased but removed for legal reasons

all i really need them for is reference pictures in the T position from the front back and side
if anyone knows how to view the modles could you take large screen shots for me?

Try this :slight_smile: http://www.gildor.org/en/projects/umodel

i alrady got that i cant find the DIR for the models tho
only textures :C


that and it dosnt intstall

Static meshes, that’s where you need to look. Else, look everywhere.

i also cant get the thing to work
it flashes up with what looks liek a dos thing for literally 0.005 of a second


so could some one get brock ad malcom in the t position ant take a screen shot from the front back and side for me please

can someone tell me how to use that damn program? i cant get it to work at all
or can some one open it up and take screenshots of brock and manlcom in the T position please
its not hard
it is for me cause it wont work on my pc