Unreal Tournament 3 Shock Rifle

Model port/improvement of the UT3 Shock rifle requested by my friend so he can make a toybox weapon out of it, I attempted to improve it’s look from the classic UT3 look, You can also use it for your dummy model posings and such, it’s already animated and has both v_ and w_ models in one so you can also make a swep out of it.

(Screenshot straight from HLMV)


It looks so nice!
I would like to see more of these improved ut3 weapons, but you might not want to do that.

I’m actually planning to do the Link Gun next

You are my god right now.

Wow that looks epic, nice job Samuel!

i’ve always wanted a bit more unreal tournament style maps and weapons to play about with in garry’s mod

Can you also get the models from unreal 2 (the single player game not Unreal tournament).

Also about sweaps can you get sounds mainly firing sounds?

Who are you getting to code this for you? I’m wondering because I have a world and view model for the lightning gun from UT2K4 that I would like to see a made into a weapon.

We need more of these weapons. Bio-rifle.

i agree on the unreal 2 weapons, but sweps… whats the point?

also have you noticed that the spider gun in unreal 2 is just a bio rifle from ut04, very same model yet shoots spiders

I just ported that with all the animations.


Thanks, I’ll message him on steam.

Oh hey, what about turning the Link Gun into the Physics Gun?

Lets think about having a working link gun model and swep before we do of that.

Link gun is already ported. I’m just waiting for the swep to be finished.

Isn’t EG like incredibly protective of their content?

I recall someone who ported from UT2k4 got threatened by EG with a lawsuit or something.

The content is available for free in UT3 Demo and the UDK, the UDK license also allows stock UDK content to be used

If Epic Games contacts me I’ll gladly remove it.

yes but it’s only for use in the game, demo, or UDK. technically you are violating copyright however i don’t think that, a) they will come after you or, b) really care; you’re not selling it. whether or not the product costs money doesn’t change the fact that it’s protected by law nor, to the best of my knowledge, how it’s protected; it’s the type of copyrighting that the production/object/idea is registered as (copyright, trademark, registered trademark, ect…).

Honestly, I highly doubt most of us (no offense) are worth the legal expense of being sued, unless its something fucking serious. I think the continued existence of this forum is pretty compelling testimony to that.