Unreal Tournament 3

I think someone should port the Link Rifle from unreal tournament 3 to source, or at least remake it. I would like to compile it as a skin for the physgun in Gmod. Here is a good reference:

Yea I could probberly do that, I’ve done alot of the other guns.

Well, hopefully you do :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love you if you do!


I’ve done alsorts just not finished with any of them yet :slight_smile: I’ll get round to it eventually.

:open_mouth: Nice! You ever going to release anyone of them?

Edit: Are there any tutorials you know of that I could use to port it into Gmod, or at least get the model and texture?

Yea I might get round to releasing them, once i’ve done some more and my friend has tested them thoroughly ^^

Theres tutorials for compiling all over the place, I did a tutorial for Unreal model exporting in the DC and Marvel Playermodels thread and the GoW models thread (you’ll have to got a fair way through to find them though). Also you’ll need Milkshape 3D really to import the .psk files (unreal model files) or something else that can (i’ve not managed to get any of the other importers for XSI Mod Tool or Blender to work correctly/as well as Milkshape, but they are free so there worth a look). And I did a sort of tutorial for view models here earlier on.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll try importing some stuff and poke around on the Internet!

You MUST do all the vehicles mate! I think thats if not the best thing on UT3 :stuck_out_tongue:

The vehicles would be nice, but I really just want the Link rifle for physgun :3


Got it ported (did it yesterday but forgot about it :P), and also tried to do it as a physgun replacement, unfortunately I can’t get the v_model to compile ¬.¬