Unreal tournament porting

Does anyone have any idea on how to port models from Unreal tournament into blender?
The first one, not the 3rd one.

well simply use milkshape 3d (a trial version would do), import the psk, export as dae or fbx and then put in blender. Or get blender 2.49 and the pskimport skript. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you know where the psk files are?

Well, they are in the upk files… the textures arein the utx files…

Alright, I don’t seem to have any upk files

How do you not have any UPK files? They should be located in Unreal Tournament 3 > UTGame > CookedPC, if they’re not in there then something must be wrong with your installation of it.

Goddamnit. I just described in the OP that this is not UT 3. I knew this would come up.
This is Unreal Tournament 1.

If models are going to be worked on in this thread, then here is some Nostalgic Thread Music.