Unreal Tournament Sounds


finally… A friend of mine and me made a working UT-sounds Addon (not finished yet, i wanna add some more sounds like “headhunter” or “flakmaster”, but its nearly finished ^^)

there is no video of it yet but i added this to my server, the IP is “Agent3004.dyndns.org

The Addon uses 149 sounds (1 from Gmod, 10 from TF2, 1 from CS:S and 137 from Unreal Tournament (UT99&UT3))

  • this is not a release, its more like an… information for you all ^^

I’ll maybe upload it when its finished…

ah, connect to my server, play there and tell me if u like the addon and what i should change, please ^^

more information about my addon:

it contains for example:

  • diesounds (instead of the “normal” diesound)

  • taunts

  • multi-kill-sounds (doublekill, triplekill, multikill, more)

  • Headshot sounds

  • Vehicle-kill sounds (roadrage, hit & run, vehicular manslaughter,…) [from UT3]

  • Firstblood, Rampage, Dominating,…

  • Flakmaster (15 kills with the HL2 Shotgun or the CS:S Pump shotgun in 1 life)

  • Rocket Scientist (15 kills with the rocketlauncher in 1 life)

  • Jackhammer (9 kills with the crowbar in 1 life)

  • numbers (1-10)

  • many more sounds…

  • You can play all of these sounds with chat-commands, too.


Is this like, for a gamemode? Because i can’t see it working in sandbox D:

it is working in sandbox, just connect to my server and i’ll show it to you ^^

edit: i’m trying to extract the weapon models (and textures) out of UT3, to make some UT3 weps, too. (for example the sniper or the flak-cannon)

-andybody knows how to port UT3 models to gmod?

I think you can save them in the obj format from the unreal editor.

in UT99, UT2k3 and UT2k4 thats possible, but not in UT3

  • i found a tool named “3D Ripper DX” - now i got the files but i need 3ds max to import it (including textures) - cinema4d doesnt work - i tried this allready

Download the trial 3ds version, or download an pirated version, but after this, buy a complete version.

i downloaded the trail, maybe i’ll buy it, too… - ahm now i got the model (and i still need the texture [dont know why, but the tool didnt saved THIS texture] xDD) - ahm… how to create the MDL file with my model now?

UT3 Models for download right here.

i got that pack allready but there is no view-model for the guns ^^

i got the view model now but i still need to know how to create the mdl file ^^